Cayuga Playground – August 3

Cayuga Playground – August 3

We’re confirmed for a performance of O Best Beloved on August 3 at 2:00pm at Cayuga Playground, San Francisco. Mark your calendars!

Not sure how to find Cayuga Playground? Here’s a map.


Cayuga Playground features fantastic carved wooden sculptures by Demetrio Braceros.

Cayuga Playground, in San Francisco’s Excelsior neighborhood, is a often called a “hidden gem.” It’s been recently renovated, and is full of art, children, a few dogs, and neighbors getting their daily exercise. Our rehearsal space is nearby, and you may have seen us rehearsing in the park itself last week!

For nearby eats, we recommend Mamá Art Cafe on Mission Street. They have great coffee and bagel sandwiches you can bring to the park, and are awesome neighbors who are truly involved in the community.

For a full listing of our confirmed summer 2014 performances, check out our Tour Schedule. And for more info on seeing a show, read our F.A.Q.

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