We’re offering our Summer Tour Performances FREE to the public in neighborhood parks and public spaces. No tickets or reservations are necessary!

If you think that’s awesome, consider making a donation to support us.

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Beacuse in the High and Far-Off Times, O Best Beloved, actors could afford food and rent. These days, we need your help!

Whether or not you donate, please come enjoy a performance!

Here’s an example of what your dollars can do:

$5 – Provides fresh fruit for the actors at one performance

$10 – Buys gas to get FluxWagon to and from (approximately!) one performance

$25 – Rents rehearsal space for one hour

$50 – Creates one animal costume

$100 – Subsidizes the average park permit and application fees for one performance

$250 – Purchases the paint that makes FluxWagon merry and bright

$500 – Equips FluxWagon with lumber for her walls

Make a Donation Button

Donations are tax-deductible via our fiscal sponsor, Independent Arts & Media.

Thank you ever-so-much, Best Beloved!